Open to all faiths, races, cultures, genders, and levels of ability. Open to all people who come in a good and respectful way.


Cherokee Tradition and culture are emphasized in all ceremonies.


Prayer ceremonies, personal Spirit Balancing, Ecotherapy, Crystal Stone Healing, and personal consultations are available by appointment.


Ongoing Pipe Circle/Prayer Ceremonies, Sweat Lodge Ceremonies, Spirit Balancing Ceremony, Yearly Vision Quest Ceremony , Teachings,  Forest/Nature walks, Meditations.


Sweat Lodge ceremonies are offered for spiritual renewal and growth Monthly, or may be requested privately.


Public Speaking for groups, retreats, storytelling, workshops or classrooms can be arranged.

Also, Tim Dancing RedHawkis available to perform weddings (traditional or Uniquely designed), Funerals, LIfechange Blessings, Coming of Age Rituals, Drum Circles, House Blessings, Child Blessings, Grief and Loss support and Personal Supportive care and Spiritual Guidance on an individual basis.


Quiet Waters "Elawei Ama"

supports the traditional work of indigenous people and is active in various community and social justice concerns, prayer, and ceremonies for all people who come with a good heart.

Support for our work

comes from people who care and commit to sharing their time, energy, prayers and donations for the ongoing spiritual renewal of all people. 


QUIET WATERS                                 "Elawei Ama"




Tim Dancing Redhawk