Elawei Ama
(Quiet Waters)

Spiritual Resources
Native American Spirituality

Imagine the affect when a stone drops through the glassy surface of a still, quiet lake. Cycles of energy radiate out from the point of impact in ripples that extend and return in a cyclic motion, until balance and harmony is renewed upon the lake.  Only then do we see once again the former state of stillness or quietness (imperceptible motion).

Sleeping minds perceive the ripples as severe challenges of life, and disruptive waves.  Awakened minds see them for what they are, ripples on a lake, working their way back toward harmony and balance. restoring inner stillness.  One may throughout life, perceive the everlasting difficulties that life presents as waves of destruction and turmoil, while others perceive only ripples on a lake and anticipate harmonic renewal. 

The difference in perception reflects a difference in choice of action or reaction.  As human beings, we have the ability to realize those thoughts and actions which are beneficial to our own inner sense of harmony / balance, and we have the ability to return to inner stillness and peace.  At Elawei Ama, we make ourselves available to work with individuals and groups to facilitate the restoration of balance and harmony in their lives.

Elawei Ama was founded and begun by Tim Dancing RedHawkin 2003.  Along with  several other practitioners and helpers,  Elawei Ama supports the traditional work of indigenous people and utilizes both ceremony and teachings to open the path toward inner healing and peace.  Elawei Ama is active in various community and social justice concerns, and seeks to promote the healing and well being of all people, while also standing with Native American communities in the struggle for their rights to clean land, clean water, and healthy resources.  Our support comes from people who care about Our Creator, One Another, and All of Creation, and those who choose to offer their time, energy, prayers and offerings.

There is NEVER a charge for healing services or ceremony.  Elawei Ama is able to provide ceremonies operating solely on the generous donations of those who come with a good heart and a desire to support the healing and that takes place within the ceremonies.  Please see the link on "Asking for Ceremony" to gain a better understanding of the traditional way of asking for healings or ceremonies.

​Ongoing donations of stones, split wood, blankets and tarps are always welcome.