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How do I ask for a ceremony?

You will never be charged money in exchange for a sacred ceremony at Elawei Ama!  It is also true that monetary gifts and contributions to our work are accepted with great gratitude.  Ceremony is deeply personal, and when one comes for help or is in need of healing, a pouch or box of tobacco is offered with their request, and an elder will pray over the request and talk with you about what you are needing and what might be done to help. The elder may offer assistance or a ceremony if it seems right with Creator to do so.  It is traditional when participating in a ceremony to bring a giftway of something meaningful or something from your heart for the ceremony leader.  Whenever we receive something of value as a gift, Creator watches and acknowledges when gratitude is shared in return, and the circle of life and giving is completed.

When attending a pipe circle or having a spirit balancing ceremony done, or requesting any of a number of other ceremonies,  it is appropriate to gift the leader with a pouch or a box of tobacco and/or anything else you may choose as a gift to show appreciation for what you are receiving.

When attending a sweat lodge ceremony a giftway of tobacco can be given to both the Leader of the lodge and the Fire Keeper.  Additionally, it is traditional to bring an item of food to share for the feast after the lodge ceremony.  Other donations are accepted if offered.  No one is ever refused participation in ceremony or other healing services for lack of a donation or giftway.

Cash donations for the ongoing work of Elawei Ama are welcomed at any time (many prefer to bring a cash donation along to the ceremonies they attend) and these donations are put back into the cost of supplies for ceremony.  When in doubt, it is okay to ask for details on the traditional and appropriate way to request a ceremony from a medicine teacher. 

We ask that if you use our Ceremonies or participate in them, that you honor them in the way that they are given.  In this way, we know that there will be no harm done to you or anyone else.  We welcome and honor your participation in our ceremonies as we seek to walk in right relationship and be of good service to our Creator and all of Creation.