Crystal Healing Work​

The use of crystals in healing is an ancient and sacred practice. The Cherokee used special crystals in their heailng work for tens of thousands of years. Tim Dancing Redhawk has been part of a special Advanced Energy Healing Certification program for learning to use crystals in the healing work he does for others. Working with crystals can help dissolve past traumas and allow us stay centered and grounded in the present.  Working closely with Cherokee/Shawnee Medicine Teachers, the work of crystals can be carried on for generations to come. Ask if you feel called or in need of some crystal work.


Earth Drum Ceremony / Pipe Circle:

Spirit Balancing Ceremony:

The purpose of spirit balancing is to open up blockages and clear out the energy centers of the body and to achieve balance and harmony in Body. Mind, and Spirit. This ceremony is helpful in balancing one’s energies in order to be in right relationship with the Creator and all of creation in a good and respectful way. 

By balancing the spirit, we find inner peace and we are able to rise above the jealousy, anger, fear and greed that seem to take control over so many people. Walking in right relationship with your heart and spirit balanced, you can overcome the stumbling blocks and rise above these things.  Being in right relationship means being at peace with balance, harmony, and well-being in mind, body and spirit with all of life around us, all that is above us and below us, and within ourselves and toward one another. 

This ceremony is aimed at releasing the flow of Creator’s positive energy within to bring peace and harmony to your spirit and life.  It can be particularly helpful in times of stress or to help one with anxiety or fears.

Sweat Lodge Ceremony:​​

These sacred ceremonies are regularly held outdoors year round. This intensive prayer ceremony is done to ask our Creator to intercede in our lives and help with the needs of this world, others and ourselves. This is a guided ceremony done in the traditional ways by trained and approved Spiritual Leaders. It is a physically demanding ceremony that is open to all who come in a good and respectful way with an open heart. Young people may come as well, with their parent’s permission and the permission of the ceremony leader.

The lodge area is located on a rustic ceremonial grounds and respect for the land is essential. This ceremony lasts for approximately 3-4 hours, at the discretion of the leader. Most of the lodge ceremonies are co-ed, so wear clothing that is comfortable and in accord with the weather.  Cotton dresses or shorts and t-shirts are acceptable for inside the lodge.

The ceremony is a community effort which allows everyone’s life force and energy to contribute to the ceremony’s healing affect. Attending sweat lodge on a regular basis is a great compliment to inner work and self analysis, a chance to build community relationships, as well as an opportunity to rid the physical body of built up toxins and release emotional suffering. 

People who are not sure if this ceremony is right for them are welcome to come and sit outside of the lodge and participate in that way.  

This ceremony is an annual ceremony that involves a personal Quest for a life vision or an answer to some life questions regarding one's purpose or meaning in life. The ceremony is a time of FOUR days and THREE nights of fasting and sitting within sacred space to hear or see your vision. The efforts of the Quester are fully supported by a Team in Base Camp and all activity is monitored by Tim Dancing Redhawk.  Preparations for a Vision Quest ceremony take approximately 7 months, and intentions to participate in this ceremony, held every Fall, must be shared with Tim Dancing Redhawk by the end of December each year for the following year.  It is strongly advised that one attends a Vision Quest ceremony as a member of Base Camp first prior to participating in the Vision Quest ceremony as a Quester on the Hill.

Vision Quest Ceremony

Other Ceremonies at Your Request:


Tim Dancing RedHawk is available to share other ceremonies as well, at your personal request.  Other ceremonies he has done include - Weddings, Funerals, Drum Circles, Vision Quest Ceremonies, Coming of Age Rituals, House Blessings, Energy Clearings, Friends Making Ceremony, Blessing for Life Changes, Newborn Water/Earth Blessings, and Crossing Over Ceremony.  He is also available to individuals for spiritual guidance and supportive care.

If you are interested in a ceremony, please see the guidance given on the proper way to ask for ceremony under the "Asking for Ceremony" page.

These prayer ceremonies include traditional songs, drumming, meditation, teaching, the passing of a talking stick, and individual prayer petitions with the passing of the sacred pipe.  The pipe used is filled with tobacco and herbs, a mixture of sacred plants used for thanksgiving and cleansing. 

Smoking the pipe is not mandatory in this ceremony.  All are welcome to come with a good heart and pray in this way, children as well.  You may bring a blanket or a cushion to sit on for comfort, and you are encouraged to bring a drum and/or rattle if you have one.